Ukrainian fish forum for chefs and cooks

Tuesday, 24 September 2019, 17:25
In Ukraine it is not so easy to find a restaurant where technologists cook fish properly and correctly. In some cases, the cooking method was incorrectly selected, in some the defrost rules are not followed, and sometimes the raw material itself does not meet quality standards. But guests are becoming more demanding, and suppliers are expanding the range. After all, Ukraine lives not only as a single salmon!
At the Fish in Fish forum, we will take a closer look at the process of freezing and defrosting, talk about the chemistry of processes, and consider a new approach to cooking catfish, halibut, cod, tuna, tilapia, pink salmon and hake. Among other things, consider options for enhancing the taste with the help of dehydrated fish. And of course we will touch upon the popular salmon - we will prepare several types of modern Asian sauces that will allow you to serve perfect and tasty salmon in a matter of seconds.
The forum will allow you to update your knowledge, learn about new world trends and strengthen the theoretical base!
The main topics of the forum:
- Basic principles of shock freezing and proper defrosting of fish
- The composition of the fish. We derive the maximum professional benefit
- Can fish ripen like meat? Questions of general chemical composition and why one fish cooked in a skillet is juicy and the other dries. How do salts, acids, alkalis affect the texture of fish and where can it be used?
- Presalting as a method of improving the taste and texture of fish. Techniques for working with salt: pastrami from salt, the right choice and brining mackerels
- Features of working with wild fish: pollock and pink salmon. How to make trendy fish dishes
- The whole truth about red caviar
- Work with raw fish: poke, crudo, ceviche, sashimi, carpaccio
- How to choose the right tuna. The reality of the Ukrainian market
- Japanese fish cut
- Modern fish cooking techniques
- Slow cook technology (halibut, salmon, char)
- Asian fish sauces as a way to diversify the menu
- Japanese techniques for enhancing the taste of dehydrated fish dishes
- Lobster How to surprise guests and keep acceptable cost
- Work with agricultural cod without waste. Hot smoked halibut in a restaurant
- Sushi without rice - position for healthy


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