In the SFS is planned the creation of the Department of targeting and risk management

Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 12:56

The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine plans to create a Department of targeting and risk management, - said the acting president. Chairman of the GFS Miroslav Prodan during a government meeting that took place on May 31.

Specialists of the said Department will carry out:

• video analytics and remote monitoring of checkpoints and zones of customs control;

• online monitoring of customs control and clearance processes;

• coordination of operational activities and interaction with all stakeholders;

• support of the risk management system and its constant updating.

At the same time, video monitoring and monitoring will be carried out around the clock.

The launch of the targeting center will simplify and speed up customs formalities for bona fide business entities, will significantly enhance the effectiveness of customs control and reduce corruption risks by transferring part of the authority for decision-making in the STC.

The necessary equipment is planned to provide 10 checkpoints across the state border with all neighboring countries. In particular, three border checkpoints will be equipped on the border with Poland, as this is one of the priority directions of tourism and foreign economic relations.


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