Сonsumption of fish and seafood is growing in Ukraine

Wednesday, 09 January 2019, 18:15
Ukrainian market of fish and seafood continues to recover. The stability of the national currency during 2018, a slight increase in incomes of the population, as well as an increase in supporters of healthy nutrition and seafood lovers, ensured an increase in imports by 16% in quantitative terms and by 20.5% in monetary terms.
A total of 2018 imported fish and seafood to 375,000 tons (against 323,000 tons in 2017).
In monetary terms, fish products were imported for 630 million US dollars (against 522 million US dollars in 2017).
Imports of frozen products amounted to 290,000 tons (253,000 tons in 2017) in the amount of $ 351 million. USA.
Import of fish fillets amounted to 24,600 tons (21,000 tons in 2017) in the amount of $ 44.2 million. USA.
Imports of finished and canned fish, as well as caviar amounted to 23,700 tons (22,100 tons in 2017) in the amount of $ 53.8 million. USA.
Imports of fresh and chilled fish amounted to 15,400 tons (12,300 tons in 2017) in the amount of 107 million dollars. USA.
At the same time, Ukraine exported fish and seafood in the amount of 10,500 tons for the total amount of 37 million US dollars (against 34 million US dollars in 2017).
Forecast. Given the stability of the national currency, as well as economic growth and the level of income of the population, there are all the prerequisites for a further increase in the consumption of fish and seafood by the population of Ukraine.


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