The Customs intends to create a single database on the market price of goods

Friday, 29 December 2017, 17:05

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the Strategy for developing the risk management system in the sphere of customs control for the period up to 2022 and the plan of measures for its implementation. The government adopted this decision at its meeting on December 27, 2017, the press service of the Ministry of Finance reports.

The essence of the strategy is to develop and improve the current customs risk management system in Ukraine to build a modern, flexible, multifunctional customs risk management system that will be filled both at the central and regional levels.

As part of activities to ensure the implementation of this strategy, the following aspects are considered: legislative support, organizational structure, risk management processes, interaction, IT support, resource support and staff training.

The plan for the implementation of activities provides, inter alia:

- the formation of a separate structural unit for managing customs risks with the provision of a round-the-clock mode of operation;

- formation of customs risk management units at customs;

- Carrying out of competitive selection for доукомплектования divisions on management of customs risks;

- the formation in the structure of the GFS of the structural unit for the maintenance of a database of price information on goods obtained, in particular, from commercial databases;

- introduction of targeting in the implementation of customs control of the most risky foreign economic transactions;

- creation of an integrated monitoring system for the application of the risk management system;

- ensuring the development of software to automate the process of risk analysis and assessment, including for use at border crossings.

What does it give?

The decision will facilitate further automation of risk analysis and assessment processes, reduce the human factor's influence on management decisions during customs control, and introduce the best international experience in risk management in the work of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.



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