The EU allocates funds for the development of aquaculture in Myanmar

Monday, 05 February 2018, 20:12

The head of the Department of Fisheries of Myanmar, Mr. Khin Maung Mau, noted that the Nargis cyclone in Myanmar in 2008 led to a reduction in the production of aquaculture products. In this regard, the government of the republic is making efforts for sustainable development of the industry in the framework of the new program.

EU Ambassador to Myanmar Christian Schmidt stressed that the implementation of the program will contribute to the progress of the country as a whole, writes the portal Mizzima. The program will allocate 22 million euros.

In connection with the launch of the program, the development of the National Aquaculture Development Plan began in the country. Khin Maung Mau drew attention to the fact that neighboring Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia are already working with similar plans and achieve high rates in the production and export of fish.


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