The Ukrainian delegation took part in the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources

Friday, 08 November 2019, 16:43
The XXXVIII session of the Antarctic Marine Living Resources Conservation Commission (CCAMLR) was held at the headquarters of the CCAMLR Secretariat in Hobart (Australia, Tasmania) from October 21 to November 1, 2019.
The meetings of the Commission and its relevant committees were attended by delegations from all 25 member countries of the Commission (including the delegation of Ukraine) and the European Union.
The CCAMLR Parties at its XXXVIIIth meeting congratulated the new member of the Commission, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which received this status in 2019.
The Ukrainian delegation included specialists from the Institute of Fisheries and Marine Ecology (Irem) of the State Fishery Agency of Ukraine, the National Antarctic Scientific Center (NANC) of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, as well as representatives of Ukrainian fishing companies.
Ukraine is represented by its fishing companies in the CCAMLR zone in the iklach (toothfish) and Antarctic krill fishery, participates in various research projects and environmental initiatives in the Antarctic zone, and therefore the Ukrainian delegation usually works actively as part of CCAMLR events. The XXXVIII session of the Commission in this series was no exception.
The Commission highly appreciated the activities of Ukraine in creating the indicated AROO and supported the continuation of this work.
The CCAMLR Scientific Committee confirmed the assessment of krill stocks within Subarea 48 at 62.6 million tonnes. This assessment was based on international acoustic surveys of Antarctic krill within area 48 in the 2018/2019 season.
The Ukrainian vessel “Sea of ​​the Commonwealth”, a fishing company LLC “IKF”, with scientists Irem and NASC on board also participated in this survey.
The established value of the stock of Antarctic krill shows that over the nearly 20-year period of the absence of such global scientific assessments, the stock of krill within area 48 does not decrease, and the raw material basis for the harvest of this object remains fairly stable.
In general, the XXXVIII session of CCAMLR marked the significant progress of Ukraine in the relations of our country's participation in the processes of studying, protecting and managing the rational use of Antarctic marine living resources.
Based on materials from the representative of Ukraine in the CCAMLR Scientific Committee, deputy director of IREM for scientific work, Ph.D. biol. Science K.V. Demyanenko



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