Pest control in facilities and open areas of the fishing industry and aquaculture

Thursday, 05 December 2019, 14:35
On November 21-23, 2019, the first in Ukraine exhibition-forum of the fishing industry and fishing hobby “Fish Business Ukraine 2019” was held.
Days earlier, on November 18, 2019, the opening of the FAO International Sustainable Fisheries Symposium took place in Rome, Italy. The organizer of the symposium, which lasted four days, was the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The symposium addressed issues of food security, the latest information technology in the field of fisheries, fisheries management. The strategic issues of current and future challenges in marine and inland fisheries were also discussed.
Combining the goals and results of these two events, we can confidently conclude that the result of discussions, presentations, statements by speakers, in particular the Chairman of the State Fishery Agency of Ukraine Yaroslav Belov, representatives of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), science, public organizations and business, it is planned to discussion of finding solutions and developing a new approach to fishing, which will help to respond to complex and rapid changes in natural Reda in the fisheries sector in the period until 2030. Marine and inland fishing today is an important crossroads.
On the first day of the Fish Business Ukraine event, November 21, 2019, the opportunity was given to make a presentation to the Director of the Center for Pest Control and Pest Management of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Krivodonov Sergey Krivodonov on the topic: “Pest control in the fishing industry and aquaculture ".
Considering that Ukraine has more than 50,000 reservoirs, and this is a huge potential of fish resources suitable for fish farming, and one of the largest coastal lines of the sea in Europe in the Old World, the question arises, how do we use this natural treasure and what rules need to be introduced and what food safety and risk management standards?
Integrated Pest Management (IPM - pest control) and the development of an individual “Program-prerequisites for controlling pests, determining their type, preventing them, can become a decision, rules, standards of food safety and risk management at facilities and open areas of the fishing industry and aquaculture in Ukraine” the appearance of means of prevention and control ”, which should be introduced at all enterprises of the food industry of Ukraine. These and other auxiliary solutions in the Biorisk control system were presented in the presentation of Sergey Krivodonov.
Integrated Pest Management (IPM - pest control) is a pest control concept that uses the best available combination of technologies to solve a specific problem with pests. It promotes the methods available to the farmer and allows pest control with the least use of chemicals to produce high yields and maximize profits. Reducing the use of pesticides is an important factor because this control method is often uneconomical and dangerous for humans, animals, plants and food. Moreover, many pesticides kill both pests and their natural enemies at the same time, leaving all living things, open territories, objects, vehicles, etc. open to the undeniable invasion of pests. Economic thresholds are used to help farmers decide when pesticides are economically feasible.
The Center for Pest Control and Pest Management of the NUBiP of Ukraine offers the development of various individual programs (recommendations) with integrated Pest Management (IRM-pest control). On an ongoing basis, conducts training in integrated Pest Management (IPM - pest control), risk analysis and critical control points and the implementation of the “Prerequisite Control Program for Pests, Type, Prevention, Prevention and Control Means” for specialists of state institutions, laboratories , universities and research institutes, private companies and non-governmental organizations involved in agriculture, aquaculture, the fishing industry, amateur and port fishing, food safety food products.
The above issues, proposals and programs will be considered at an open meeting on the topic “Pest control in facilities and open areas of the fishing industry and aquaculture” jointly held with interested parties by the Association of Ukrainian Importers of Fish and Seafood (UIFSA), the budgetary institution Methodically -technological center for aquaculture ”, Center for Pest Control and Pest Management of Ukraine’s NUBiP in 2020.
Holding such a meeting can become a platform for communication and networking, the development of individual programs and projects between government organizations, science, business, state international public
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