A new factory at Universal Fish Company was opened near Kiev

Tuesday, 18 July 2017, 12:52

Today UFC production is one of the largest in the Ukrainian fishing industry, its area is 4340 m². Production is characterized by unique systems of water treatment and air purification, which guarantees the quality and safety of products. The most optimal in terms of environmental and energy saving of the heating and air conditioning system, which is confirmed by certificates of the European standard, are used.

Equipped with advanced technologies and first-class equipment, production provides an automated process for processing raw materials. Thus, contact with the product is minimized.

The plant also has its own laboratory, where each batch of products is inspected and undergo microbiological and physico-chemical control, and then receives a quality certificate.

All this makes the plant the only one of its kind not only in the territory of Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries.

Today, the production capacities of the enterprise allow to significantly increase the annual volume of processing of raw materials and the production of finished products.

Manufacturing near Kiev is a strategic decision that allowed Universal Fish Company to optimize logistics, expand its sales geography and strengthen its position on the international market.


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