Acquaintance with the products under TM "Veladis"

Monday, 09 April 2018, 19:09
In 2014, a novelty appeared on the shelves of Ukrainian shops - products under the trademark "Veladis".
The launch of its own TM was an important step and a natural result of the rapid development of the Klion Group. The starting point of development can be considered 2009. This year the company purchased a fish processing plant in the city of Zaporozhye, and carried out its large-scale reconstruction and modernization. New workshops were built, several lines for processing and packaging of fish and seafood were launched, and production of fish minced meat was established. The latest equipment, refined production processes, a staff staffed with high-quality specialists, and consistently high quality of products - all this led to the idea of creating a new brand, in which all the strengths of the company were embodied. On the other hand, the market, on which there was a clear demand for quality and natural seafood and fish, pushed the creation of the "Veladis" trademark. It was the care for quality, naturalness and, of course, the taste formed the basis of the brand idea and found its reflection in its slogan - TM "Veladis": Natural. Useful. delicious!


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