Fish and seafood in wholesale market "Shuvar" in Lviv

Monday, 07 May 2018, 19:27
"Shuvar" - the first in Ukraine and the largest in the Western region wholesale market of agricultural products. We are Ukrainian company meant to create a civilized market of fresh agricultural products. We make agricultural producers wealthy and the final consumers receive high-quality, safe, affordable agricultural products.
The largest number of professional operators of the following commodity groups is concentrated on the market: fruits and vegetables, meat and meat products, fish and seafood, dairy products, flowers and related products.
Today the market area is 20 hectares, there are three terminals with the total area of more than 41 thousand square meters, the pavilion - 8,5 thousand square meters, the  flower market - 40 stores, the car trading site  with  650 trading  places non-stationary trading facilities with more than 300 stores, office and service center, parking for 1500 cars and other facilities. Annually, 500 thousand tons of products are sold through the market.
The terminal "Fish and seafood" an island of the diversity of life, chilled, frozen sea and freshwater fish and seafood, shellfish and delicacies that will surprise the most demanding gourmet.
The real highlight here is Mediterranean fish, caviar, oysters, and other exquisite products.
The terminal "Fish and seafood" started its work in 2011 on the total area of 4800 sq.m. Today there are 33 operators, more than 500 products are represented in the terminal.  Available refrigerating chambers for storing products of more than 500 sq.m.
Assortment in% (2017): fresh frozen fish and seafood 40%, live and chilled 10%, preserves 30%, finished products 2%.
Lviv, st. Hutorivka, 4B


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