How Norwegian fish can become Ukrainian

Wednesday, 23 September 2020, 11:13
How can fish imported from Norway become Ukrainian?
This is possible thanks to the diagonal cumulation procedure between Ukraine, the EU and the EFTA countries. The Ukrainian government recently confirmed the application of this principle. This opportunity will be especially useful for importers of Norwegian and Icelandic fish.
Diagonal cumulation between Ukraine, the EU and EFTA is provided for in the PanEuroMed Convention and the Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and the EFTA countries (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein).
The main principle is that raw materials originating from the EU or EFTA countries and which are processed in Ukraine can acquire Ukrainian origin in order to be subsequently exported to the EU and EFTA markets. In addition, the criteria for sufficient product processing are not applied.
The main advantage of cumulation is the elimination of duties and other barriers to trade and, as a result, competitive advantages.
The State Customs Service of Ukraine has already announced that the customs offices have begun issuing certificates for the transport of goods EUR.1 or EUR-MED for the export of goods of Ukrainian origin to the EU and EFTA countries. The use of diagonal cumulation when establishing the preferential origin of goods will allow Ukrainian manufacturers to purchase materials, raw materials and components in the EU or EFTA countries, produce goods from them in Ukraine and sell finished products to the EU or EFTA countries without paying duties. PRESENTATION


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