In the New Year - together with VELADIS!

Tuesday, 04 January 2022, 11:36
The VELADIS expert store - the pride of the Klion Group, the # 1 importer of fish and seafood in Ukraine, is already loved by the residents of the capital. The store that opened in the fall in Poznyaki offers high-quality fish and seafood at the most affordable prices and has managed to win the trust and love of the people of Kiev.
In the New Year 2022, VELADIS reminds that fish and seafood are an excellent choice for the festive table menu, and the VELADIS expert store has fish and seafood to fulfill any culinary desires!
And if you don't have time to cook, then in the culinary department you can buy ready-made dishes - olivier with salmon, "matye under a fur coat", vinaigrette with lightly salted salmon, sturgeon jellied meat, etc. Do you want something special? Try the pike stuffed with mushrooms and the tartare cut from fresh salmon or tuna in a sauce.
Products for the festive table must be of excellent quality, and the VELADIS expert store guarantees this quality, because it is the No. 1 importer and the largest manufacturer of fish and seafood products in Ukraine. The Klion Group carefully selects suppliers from more than 40 countries around the world, purchasing fish from them under direct contracts.
In the days of the pre-holiday bustle, buying fish and seafood in the Veladis expert store is very comfortable, fast and incredibly convenient!
Don't forget to get a jar of red or black caviar. We also recommend trying the black caviar of the Pinagora, which is exclusively available only in the Veladis expert store! Fans of seafood delicacies will find scallops, crabs and oysters, as well as other seafood for every taste.
Experts of the VELADIS store, at the request of the buyer, will clean, disassemble the fish into a steak or fillet, and also offer a marinade according to the taste and preferences of the client! They are always happy to provide recommendations for cooking. In addition to the fish assortment, customers can also find related products in the store: pasta, olives, spices, soft drinks and wines.
Love for seafood unites many people, and fish dishes are not only tasty, but also healthy, and are also easily absorbed by the body. Enjoy the most delicious fish and seafood in Kiev!
The doors of the VELADIS expert store are open for you every day from 10 to 22 hours (on Monday from 12 to 22 hours) without breaks and weekends at the address: shopping center "Poznyakoff" ave. N. Bazhana 16D.
We wish you pleasant shopping and, of course, bon appetit at the New Year's table!


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