Introduction to the fish store Fish in House

Thursday, 14 June 2018, 12:28
The Fish in House team is a single mechanism that works smoothly and smoothly. Everyone has contributed, everyone fulfills the function assigned to him and responsibly relates to the case. Agree, it is interesting to know the view from different sides on the "inner kitchen" of the company. Let's start, perhaps, with the director of Fish in House, Victor Luchinsky, and tell you what we talked about at the cozy tables of our home.
Victor, share with us, where did it all begin?
The story has been told and recounted many times, therefore briefly: a hobby, a family hobby, which later developed into a business. My brother and father were engaged in catching and supplying fish to local markets, the demand for a quality product was impressive, and therefore it was decided to organize a distribution point in a convenient area for all of the city, expand the range and achieve the ideal quality and service.

Significant role in the formation of business was played by my wife Irina, she took part of the responsibility: procurement, negotiations with suppliers, accounting, tasting, she participates in making managerial decisions. Even the function of the auditor performs - controls the layout in the window, the appearance of products, sellers. In general, family business - it's all the same convenient, you completely trust your partners, and they - to you.


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