Meeting of Minister of Finance Alexander Daniluk with business representatives on the functioning of the risk system with VAT

Thursday, 07 December 2017, 11:43

December 6, 2017 a meeting of Finance Minister Alexander Danilyuk with business representatives on the functioning of the risk system with VAT.

Five conceptual variants of solutions to the problem of blocking tax invoices were presented at the round table in the Cabinet, with the participation of representatives of leading business associations, representatives of enterprises, experts and representatives of leading audit companies, in particular UAW, ANU, USPP, EBA, APITU, CCI, SUP , ACC, URB, UIRM, PPK, OMP, including the Association of "Ukrainian importers of fish and seafood".

During the discussion, many different opinions were expressed, the key problems of the system indicated, various proposals were submitted, often opposing each other.

Most of the suggestions made can be reduced to four points:

1. It is urgent to solve the problems that accumulate:
a) all previously blocked invoices - send to a second review procedure, in order to review the decision to block.
b) oblige the commission to provide reasoned answers, specify which documents are not enough, accept documents repeatedly.
c) translate the QMS into the test mode for 2 months, work out the updated criteria.

2. Consider new variants proposed for several days, agree on the views of business and the expert environment, consider at the next meeting in a week details of new options 4 and 5, determine the optimal and implement it. The view was expressed that option No. 4 should be supplemented by the norm, limit the number of possible blocked enterprises per month by the number of possible actual inspections by DFS employees per month.

3. All these measures can improve the situation with the locking system, but some of the "twists" that have "conditions" of work will be left without attention, so it is also necessary to ensure the transfer of the GFS databases to an independent data center.

4. All this can be quickly implemented only with the constructive cooperation of representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Tax Committee of BP, business representatives and experts.

If your company has problems with the blocking of tax invoices, please feel free to contact us.

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