Red caviar can rise in price

Wednesday, 08 August 2018, 09:17

About 72 million salmon have been harvested so far in 2018, a third lower than 2017’s YTD harvest of 110 million fish. The statewide sockeye harvest is 7 percent lower than 2017 and 9 percent above the 5-year average. While Bristol Bay sockeye volume will be one of the highest on record, other sockeye fisheries continue to suffer: Chignik has recorded zero landings and Southeast is 80 percent below the 5-year average. YTD pink harvest is 15 percent behind 2016, due primarily to lagging harvest in Southeast; PWS and Kodiak production is stable. Keta harvest of 11 million fish is about 40 percent below 2017 and 14 percent behind the 5-year average. AYK keta fishing is 27 percent above the 5-year average. Coho production is 52 percent below the 2017 pace, but there is two more months of steady fishing ahead. YTD Chinook volume is 16 percent behind 2017


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