The largest fish company in Ukraine has opened cafe FISH & CHIPS in the center of Kyiv

Thursday, 24 June 2021, 17:28
The country's largest importer and manufacturer of fish and seafood under the TM Veladis, the Klion group company, has decided to become even closer to the consumer through a network of its own fast casual cafes of the FISH & CHIPS - Klyove Misce!
In addition to previously opened establishments in Zaporozhye and Dnipro, in May 2021, an institution was added in the very heart of Kiev on Khreshchatyk. Now residents and guests of the capital have the opportunity to enjoy fish and seafood dishes at affordable prices.
There are plans to open chain establishments in every regional center of the country! The company's goal is to develop a culture of fish and seafood consumption through a network of its own cafes. At the moment, there are no analogues of establishments with such a price and such quality of food. FISH & CHIPS guests can be sure of the quality and freshness of fish and seafood, because they are supplied first-hand from fishermen from all over the world by the largest importer in Ukraine.
Raw materials for the establishments are produced at their own fish processing plant, which is built in accordance with European standards and equipped with modern equipment, and the company has also implemented the HACCP system (Food Safety Management Quality System).
Everyone has always known that for strength, health and beauty you need to eat fish and seafood - these are healthy and dietary products. We will provide the guest with such fish that will make him reconsider his entire diet, putting fish dishes at the top of the family menu. Any FISH & CHIPS establishment is a cool place! The portions are large and the dishes are world-class!
Our recipes are based on the most popular fish and seafood dishes around the world. The highlight of FISH & CHIPS is the open kitchen. Each guest can observe how his dish is being prepared, from what seafood, how often the cooks clean the surfaces before, during and after cooking, how they disinfect their hands and change gloves.
GUEST SAFETY is above all! All dishes are prepared directly from the "under the knife" after receiving the order. The waiting time for an order is on average up to 10 minutes. We give a person with any income the opportunity to enjoy restaurant quality dishes and serving at the lowest price !!! All FISH & CHIPS dishes are tasty, healthy and satisfying! Despite the fact that everything is prepared quickly at FISH & CHIPS, the establishments are perfectly clean! With fish it should be!
Come, it will be delicious and fun!
See you at FISH & CHIPS - Klyove Misce!
Address: Kiev, Khreshchatyk, 24
We are waiting for you from 10:00 to 24:00 daily


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