The Ukrainian Importers of Fish and Seafood Association in KievCheck-IN Magazine

Tuesday, 17 October 2017, 21:07

The Ukrainian Importers of Fish and Seafood Association (UIFSA) was founded in December 2011 to protect the rights and interests of seafood companies and develop the fish industry in Ukraine. Currently, it is the only one non-governmental, non-commercial organization advocating for the interests of importers of fish products in Ukraine. The Association cooperates with government bodies and state entities and other associations, organizations and companies in Ukraine and abroad. Members of UIFSA coordinate the promotion of rules for fair and transparent competition, ensuring a level playing field for all market participants; work toward forming a civil and transparent marketplace for fish and seafood; counteract deviation from customs payments; and fight against corruption in related activities and ways of doing business.

Our association offers representatives of the fish industry a way to cooperate, to share best practices, to lobby and defend common interests, and, most important, to popularize the regular consumption (two or three times a week) of fish and seafood, as well as the development of a fish-consumption culture,” - says the Director General of UIFSA, Zagumenny Dmitry.

The association welcomes new members who act in compliance with fair and legal standards of doing business. All members have an opportunity to take advantage of the achievements and contacts of the Association, gain analytical support in the industry, as well as publish information about their companies and products on the website and Facebook page of UIFSA. Get involved!


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