What makes seafood in Alaska special. Expert opinions

Wednesday, 18 April 2018, 16:24
What makes seafood in Alaska special?
- Natural habitat
- Rational fishing
- Professional approach to processing and freezing
A food expert from Britain, a well-known brand-chef SJ Jackson, told a press conference in Interfax-Ukraine, organized by the Institute for Marketing of Seafood of Alaska (ASMI) in association with the Association of Ukrainian Importers of Fish and Seafood (UIFSA), a lot of interesting things about seafood.
"With high quality, Alaska fish is affordable and widely represented in Ukrainian shops and restaurants. Alaska pollack, wild salmon, caviar salmon, black cod are natural products from Alaska for every taste and purse. Today, seafood in Alaska can be purchased in 20 retail networks in Ukraine, including Silpo, Novus, Megamarket, Bill, Metro, ATB, Auchan and others. And also in fish stores, such as Don Mare, Egersund, Flagman. In February, there was an exclusive supply of 5 kinds of salmon, which is famous for Alaska, in GoodWine. The Queen of Alaska - there is a black cod in the menu of a number of Kiev restaurants, "said Ksenia Gorovaya, representative of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI).
Over the past three years, Ukraine has officially harvested and grows about 90,000 tons of fish and seafood a year, whereas before the annexation of the Crimea, the figure was 220,000 tons. This was announced during a press conference by the Director General of the Association of Ukrainian Fish and Seafood Importers Dmitry Zagumenny.
"We have the official catch for the last three years and the volume of fish grown is about 90 thousand tons, if the import is 300-320 thousand tons, then our own fish is 90 thousand tons, until 2013. The figure was about 220 thousand tons per year. , which were engaged in fishing, were in the Crimea.Now, as you know, Ukrainian companies in the Crimea do not catch anything, "- he said.
As the expert of the department of agriculture of the US Embassy in Ukraine Alexander Tarasevich added, this year the indicator of consumption of fish and seafood by one Ukrainian will be about 11.5 kilograms, and the country is gradually moving to return to its former positions.
"In principle, to return to those indicators that were more economically favorable in Ukraine, when we consumed 13-15 kilograms, I think it is quite possible that we are gradually moving there, but are very much tied to the per capita income" , - he said. Tarasevich also noted that until the 2000s, the United States practically did not import fish and seafood to Ukraine, adding that there was a very tight binding of the amount of imported products to the income of the population.
"The Ukrainians would like to consume fish, they want more fish, but the income grew - they bought, the income fell - they were reduced because the fish imports are pegged to the currency." Both major economic crises that we had were associated with a huge devaluation. 2-3 times, of course, people stop buying it, "he said.


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