The world's largest fish exhibition Seafood Expo Global

Tuesday, 03 April 2018, 09:53
Annually at the end of April Brussels becomes the main center of the world fish industry. The reason is simple. Every year for several decades here is the world's largest fish exhibition Seafood Expo Global.
The exhibition unites two directions:
Seafood Expo Global - represents the segment of the consumer market for fresh fish, seafood, canned food and frozen fish.
Seafood Processing Global - equipment, technologies and services for processing fish and seafood for professionals.
Annually the exhibition is visited by almost 30 000 experts of fish industry from 150 countries of the world. The exhibition Seafood Expo Global occupies more than 36 000 square meters, occupying more than 10 pavilions of the exhibition complex Brussels Expo, where more than 1600 companies from 80 countries of the world are represented. Most of the serious players are represented by national stands of this or that country.



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