Unique fish breeding barge weighing more than 700 tons

Monday, 30 September 2019, 19:38
64 meters long and 13 meters wide fish farming barge with a deadweight of 800 metric tons will have completely new, differing from previous feeding system.
“On standard barges, feed is delivered on the water surface. On the barge under construction, feed will go into the stews directly under water. This technology is unique one and is currently classified. In addition, possibility of surface feeding of fish will remain on the barge - the customer can decide, which system to select for more efficient feeding of fish at the moment,” explains Dmitri Gornostajev, Chairman of the Board of Marketex Marine.
Turnkey construction of barge already begun - the first four blocks have been laid. 4-6 persons will be able to operate on the barge, and they will be provided with everything necessary, including a small gym.
Barge will be installed in the offshore area, therefore it will be equipped with a pitching & rolling protection system. The increased strength class will allow it to withstand up to 7.5 meters high waves. The barge will be delivered to the customer in summer 2020.
Over the past 15 years, Marketex Marine has built for the fish farming industry more than 350 barges, operating successfully around the world: from Japan to Chile and from Norway to Greece. For boatbuilding and fish farming markets, Marketex Marine offers turnkey solutions, from barge design to delivery of finished product to the client. The company is a leader in construction of fishing barges from steel.


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